Welcome to Bahauddin Science College - Junagadh

Bahauddin College, Junagadh is more than a hundred year old college with great tradition of generating quality students and having learned faculty right from the outset. Vazir Bahauddinbhai played a vital role in the establishment of this college. There was no such educational institute then in Bombay and Karachi at that time. Vazir of Sorath state Shri Bahauddinbhai was a great visionary who contributed to the construction of the building. The building is unique. The college officially started in 1901.

The original Bahauddin College consisted of arts and science faculties. From the very beginning the college has science stream with BIOLOGY, MATHEMATICS, and PHILOSOPHICAL SCIENCE as main subjects. The present science college was bifurcated from the parent institute in 1983. This is the college which was established before pre-independence and before even the formation of the state of Gujarat.

At present there are around 1500 students studying basic science subjects like PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BOTANY, ZOOLOGY, MATHEMATICS and FORENSIC SCIENCE. There are qualified, expert, experienced and committed faculties as well as members in the set up.

Most of the faculties have been selected on the basis of permanent screening by the state public service commission (GPSC) and also most of them have passed eligibility tests like NET and SET. Most of the faculty members are either NET/SET OR having Ph.D./M.Phil. Degree. Read more...

Principal Desk

Principal DeskBahauddin Government Science College, Junagadh having historical glory and the heritage status is imparting science education at graduation level for more than a century. The college cares for maintaining human and cultural values of the area and is keen for all round development of students without any kind of gender disparity. Various life skills are taught to prepare the students for better future life. National Service Scheme, National Cadet Corps and Sports instil the feelings of service and team spirit among the youth. Wide range of books and internet facility in college library is the centre of knowledge for all. College IQAC is the pivot for all development plans. It’s a matter of proud for the college in the state to run the Bachelor Degree Course in Forensic Science successfully for a decade. I, Dr. R. P. Bhatt, Principal of the college wish a very bright future to all my stakeholders in their endeavours.

Vision & Mission

Vision & MissionVision : To provide infrastructural facilities for the higher education in this remote and under developed area of the state.

Mission : Keeping in the mind the vision of the purpose and thereby provide higher education to the students of this area and with this aids bring them into the main stream of the development and thereby develop the society for futuristic overall development process. Also provide higher education which comprehensively includes the traditional and value based system associated with higher education. By this mission provide thrust in the development of the nation by and large.

Goals : To provide quality education in pure science to the students of this area, which is predominantly rural. And the very objective is to prepare a science student of the distinctive quality who can be self sufficient in making own career and become part of the development system of the nation. Implicitly this has been carried out by product i.e. by a quality student who gets proper place in ones career and the society.