Latest Events

Study and industrial Tour

The students of Bahauddin Science College visit different Industries, National Parks, National Laboratories and places of academic and historical importance. They endowed places of different academic interest every year.


College do believe in protecting environment and try to balance the level of CO2 by doing the activity of plantation every year. Students are not only planting the trees but they take care of each and every plant until they grown up and their by contributing in positive way to reduce carbon foot print.  

Cultural Events

After the admission in the semester-I(B.Sc.) different programs of the talent search like elocution completion, assay completion, drawing completion and talent hunt for the different sports are carried out. As per the structure of the SAPTADHARA all the students are compulsorily advised to enroll in at least two of the DHARA. There by ensuring the talent search.

After finishing out the talent we constantly nourish them for the perfection and a result of that we are able to place our students at the district, zone and state level position.



N.S.S. a centrally sponsored scheme was introduced in 37 selected universities on 24-09-1969 both "as a measure of Educational Reforms and as a mean to improve the quality of educated man power". It was extended to plus two schools in 1985. The scheme has aroused among the student youth an awareness of the reality of life, a better understanding and appreciation of the problems of the people. It is an attempt in making education relevant to the needs of the society. The scheme was implemented in our college also since beginning.

Honorable Commissioner of higher Education of Gujarat Visited our College

Honorable Commissioner of higher Education of Gujarat Visited our College. During his visit he show the facilities and utilities provided by government in this college. He visited high tech instrumentation laboratory and computer lab also. He was very much satisfied by knowing academic performance of the students and faculties of this government college and express his felling of appreciation.    

Chalo College Abhiyaan

Chalo College Abhiyaan is a government initiative program for college and students which facilitate the college for preparation of NAAC and provide active guideline for performing best and nourishment of students progress.  

Independence Day

15th August the Independence Day is celebrated in Bahauddin Science College every year with great joy and enthusiasm. The National flag is hoisted and the National anthem is sung with due respect. On this special occasion the students of the college express their deep sense of patriotism by participating in various events and activities of National interest.        

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