Finishing School

Coordinators Dr. M. D. Visavadia
Dr. H. J. Kanani

The Finishing School is an initiative by the Education Department, Government of Gujarat launched in 2016. The main aim of the initiative is to prepare graduating / final year students of higher and technical education colleges for better employability. Professional Skill Trainers are engaged to achieve the goals of the program by developing their interpersonal skills, interview skills, public speaking soft skills, resume writing, group discussion, proficiency in English language and communication skill in general. The program requires 80 hours of training which is divided into four components each of 20 hours.

Component - 1: Life Skills

Component - 2: Employability Skills

Component - 3: English Functional Skills

Component - 4: English Functional Skills

Bahauddin Science College is one of the leading colleges of the state with highest number of student participation in to Finishing School since the launch of the program.

Finishing School Activities