The College campus has separate buildings to cater to the need of academic, co-curricular activities and administration.

  • Main Building with huge central assembly ground
  • Sankul - 2
  • Central Library Building with reading room
  • Indoor Sports Facility
  • Central Research Laboratory
  • Administration Building
  • Hostel (off campus)
  • Staff quarters

There are 15 airy and spacious classrooms, 12 laboratories, a huge library, a separate administrative building, girl's room, staff rooms, a spacious assembly hall, a seminar hall with seating capacity of about 450 students, a DELL lab, an indoor games room and huge play ground etc. at our institution. Boundaries of this College are spread across on a 6070 Sq. Mt. (1.5 Acre) of campus with built-up area of 4509 Sq. Mt. There are several rooms for co-curricular activities and separate offices are allotted to NCC, Sports Room. In the era of 21st century college is going hand in hand with the technological advancement as a result 4 smart classrooms provided with digital podiums and interactive displays. The central assembly hall is also equipped with smart technology which can be used as conference hall when required. The college has adequate facility for accessing internet provided by the government under various schemes like NAMO Wi-Fi, NMEICT, Jio-Net and BSNL broad band. Among the 15 classrooms, 13 classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching aids which are routinely used for power point presentation/seminars and discussions.

Central Library

Our college has a library with rich collection of books on various subject of science, humanities and culture which totals around 18,110 text books and 327 reference books. College's library is automated using Integrated Library Management System. The Bahauddin Science Library plays major role both in the provision of intimation for study and research and much more. Following detail gives a brief of library automation.

The college is more than hundred and eighteen years old, our library has many books which are published around hundred years before which are rare in its own. There are around 500 books which are rare in multiple angles. The oldest book in library's collection was published in 1875, " Flora of British India " by Sir J. P. Hooker published by L. Reeve and Co., Kent, England - it is in six volumes. Another oldest book in our library is "An Elementary Treaties on Mechanics" by S. Parkinson, published in 1881 by MacMillan and Co., London. Third oldest book which was published in 1897 and it belongs to chemistry subject and the title of the book is "A series of Chemical Problems" by T. E. Thorpe pubished by McMillan and Co. A list of selected old/rare books is accessed here. (link to list of rare books)

  • Name of ILMS software: SOUL (SOftware for University Library)
  • Nature of automation : Fully
  • Version: 2.0
  • Year of Automation: 2013
  • Collection
  • Reference Books: 327
    • Text Books: 18110
    • Rare Collection and Rare Journals Collection
  • Computerization of Library
    • OPAC
    • Bar Code System

Science Laboratories

College has 12 laboratories with all the instruments and infrastructure to meet undergraduate teaching requirements. Laboratories are equipped with various sophisticated instruments like Double Beam Ultra violate spectrophotometer, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Gas chromatography (GC), Ultraviolet instrument, Bruke-field viscometer, Comparison microscope, Stereo microscope, Spectrophotometer, Tensile tester etc. which help students to learn some of the instrumentation techniques during UG.


Central Research Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Digital English Learning Laboratory (DELL)

Biology Museum

Bahauddin Science College is one of the oldest science colleges of the state. It harbours rare faunal and floral specimens to enable the students better understand the diversity of life with hands on experience. The museum has around 700 specimen covering all the invertebrates and vertebrate phyla, around 800 permanent slides, Skulls and bones of animals for osteological study, Fossils and Molluscan Shells, Pugmarks of wild animals and Human skeleton. Along with faunal collection the museum also has rich collection of well preserved over 1000 herbaria of varied floral species.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden 60 plant species
College Sankul-1 17 plant species
Principal Office 18 plant species
Total 95 plant species
  • Rare and Threatened Species
    • Boswellia serrata (સલાઈ )
    • Commiphora wightii (ગુગળ)
    • Ephedra Sp.(એફેડ્રા)
  • Rare Species
    • Leptadenia reticulate (ડોડી)
    • Sterculia urens (કડાયો)
Total 95 plant Species Total 95 plant Species
85 - Families
90 - Genus
95 - Species
Climber – 25
Herb – 20
Shrub – 28
Tree – 22

Vivekanand Hall

The Vivekanand Hall, a multipurpose facility with seating capacity of about 400 students, serves as venue suitable to organize cultural activities, seminars, workshops, conducting examinations etc. The hall air conditioned and is equipped with stage, Interactive Smart Board and Digital Podium.


  • Interactive Smart Board with Digital Podium / Interactive Display Panels for enhanced multimedia teaching/learning experience
  • Wifi enabled campus
  • Campus wide CCTV camera surveillance
  • High flow rate RO water purifies in college and hostel campus for hygienic drinking water
  • Solar Roof Top with 38.5 KVA capacity
  • Rain water storage tanks
  • Ground water replenishment facility